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The Michigan eLibrary is Michigan’s virtual library. This service of the Library of Michigan, developed with the participation of Michigan libraries, is designed to offer every library and resident of the state equitable and easy-to-use access to a core set of information resources.

MeL resources include the following:

  • MeLCat – a valuable resource-sharing service that removes geographic barriers, effectively allowing users to search for books and other materials from an ever-growing collection of participating libraries' holdings and have those materials delivered to their local library. 
  • MeL Databasesan array of subscription-only resources, including millions of articles from thousands of magazines, newspapers and journals covering all subject areas and ages - business and legal, health, science and technology, information for K-12 students and educators; thousands of general-interest electronic books; and 100 practice tests for academic or career preparation.
  • MeL Internet Gateways – a collection that brings together a wealth of librarian-vetted information resources on a wide range of topics, including Michigan-specific information, career and job tools, consumer health resources and homework help. 

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